Thursday, July 16, 2009

David Saranga's Public Diplomacy Op-Ed for Ynet

You might remember David Saranga, the Consul for Media and Public Affairs of Israel in the United States, from my post covering my Israel advocacy seminar in Boston. Today he wrote an Op-Ed for Yedioth Ahronoth's (an Israeli newspaper) website In it, he writes about many of the topics he discussed during the Israel advocacy seminar; new media, social networking, and how Israel can use these tools to influence public perception. The article is linked below, along with a few snippets in case you don't have time to read an entire Op-Ed.

A new diplomatic approach

"More recently, the social networks that have now penetrated large segments of our society have become tools that allow us to spread Israel’s message directly - unmediated by the press. This can be achieved by Israel’s official governmental bodies, as well as the Israeli public, who is very much concerned about Israel’s image in the world..."
"The government, for all its innovation, cannot fight effectively by itself on all fronts in the era of the Internet. The fact that Israeli society is so technologically advanced can certainly help in spreading our message to different audiences. Israelis who are active in social networks, participate in international forums, and speak English - which is so widely spoken in Israel - can play an integral role in strengthening the country’s public diplomacy."

I have a feeling we'll be hearing from David Saranga a lot more in the future. He's spearheading Israel's public diplomacy and is helping Israel set the standard for outreach through new media and social networking. Keep on fighting the good fight, Consul.

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