Monday, July 27, 2009

"I kill myself to protect you and you're throwing me out?"

You don't want to rob this convenience store

The title of this post is an IDF elite combat soldier's direct quote. The soldier is responding to an employee of a Tel Aviv bar who is asking him to leave for wearing his IDF uniform, or as the bar employee put it:

"Your shirt symbolizes sh&^ and disgust, and as soon as I see your shirt, it hurts me. So before I hurt you, I'm asking you to leave."

The bar is called Rogatka (Slingshot), it's 100% vegan, and it's owned by an anarchist collective. The owners of Rogatka hope to attract "environmentalists, left-wing activists, and other likeminded people," as long as they're not wearing IDF uniforms.

Rogatka's owners fail to recognize who preserves their right to own a vegan/anarchist bar, who makes it possible for any bars to exist in Israel at all, and who makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect Israeli citizens (even the thankless ones). The 'who' in question, of course, are the men and women of the IDF, and they deserve better than this.

The sad irony here is trying to imagine how far an anarchist/vegan bar would get in a city that is not protected by the IDF, say Gaza or Damascus. Would the owners of such a bar require that the Hamas or Hezbollah members take off their ski masks and AK-47s before entry or, more likely, would the owners get carted to the gallows for having dissenting views and serving alcohol? Luckily for Rogatka's owners, that's only a rhetorical question.


  1. I can't imagine if a soldier was thrown out of a bar in america. wtf.