Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Our fundamental condition for cooperating with Germany was a free hand to eradicate every last Jew from Palestine and the Arab world."

Husseini with his BFF (Best Fuhrer Friend)

Alan Dershowitz has long been a staunch and outspoken defender of the Jewish State. In a July 26 blog for the Jerusalem Post, Dershowitz articulately flips the Palestinian narrative of Israel's creation on its head. That narrative essentially goes like this: Israel was born out of Western guilt for the Holocaust, Israel's creation punished the Palestinians even though they had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Unfortunately, for Europe's Jews and this narrative, this is categorically untrue.

Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Palestinian Arab leader during World War II, had a very prominent role in Hitler's 'Final Solution' and was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of European Jews. Behold:
"Husseini's significant contributions to the Holocaust were multi-fold: first, he pleaded with Hitler to exterminate European Jewry and advised the Nazis on how to do so; second, he visited Auschwitz and urged Eichmann and Himmler to accelerate the pace of the mass murder; third, he personally stopped 4,000 children, accompanied by 500 adults, from leaving Europe and had them sent to Auschwitz and gassed; fourth, he prevented another two thousand Jews from leaving Romania for Palestine and one thousand from leaving Hungary for Palestine, who were subsequently sent to death camps; fifth, he organized the killing of 12,600 Bosnian Jews by Muslims, whom he recruited to the Waffen-SS Nazi-Bosnian division."
Of course, these are the actions of one man. What of the rest of the Palestinian Arabs? Luckily, for the Jews of Palestine and the Arab world, Husseini's plans never came to fruition:
"Hitler assured Husseini about how he would be regarded following a Nazi victory and "the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere." In that hour, the mufti would be the most authoritative spokesman for the Arab world. It would then be his task to set off the Arab operations that he had secretly prepared."
In other words, Hitler's 'Final Solution' would have been exported to the Middle East and over 1 million more Jews would have been slaughtered in the process. A sobering thought to be sure, even more so when Husseini's successors are considered. From Nasser, Arafat and the elder Assad, to Meshaal, Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad and the younger Assad, it is easy to see how the best-laid plans of genocidal maniacs have endured and, for the time being, gone awry.

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