Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out: Factual Reporting. In: Blood Libels and Historical Revisionism

A flurry of bogus stories regarding both Israel and Jews lately. Naturally, one of them comes from Palestinian TV, but the other two come from less obvious culprits: Sweden and Holland. Of course, anti-Semitism has existed in Europe since time immemorial, but the extents to which they're going now to spout anti-Semitic venom are right up there with the Nazis. Lots of allusions to the Nazis lately as well, with Democrats and Republicans trading barbs trying to paint each other as Hitlerian. I try not to throw around the term 'Nazi' willy-nilly, so you be the judge when you read the two anti-Semitic blood libels from Europe.

Exhibit A:
Dutch journalist: Flu pandemics are Jewish conspiracy

Uhhh, come again? Not only does the Dutch journalist refer to the discredited Jews-as-Khazars theory, a favorite of anti-Semites I might add, she also completely forgets that 10 Israelis have already died due to the Great Jewish Flu Consipiracy. Her theory holds about as much water as the false rumor that no Jews died on 9/11. On a scale of 1 to Crazy, this broad is pushing the upper limits without doubt.

Exhibit B: Israel aghast at Swedish report on IDF

'Aghast' is a pretty strong word, what could this Swedish report possibly claim to leave the IDF so upset?
"In the story, headlined "They plunder the organs of our sons," and accompanied by a gruesome photograph, Palestinians are quoted as saying IDF soldiers kidnapped their sons and stole organs."

Oh, now 'aghast' makes sense. To boot, the Swedish journalist who broke this blood libel isn't even sure if it's true! Too late now, though, Donald Bostrom. This egregious lie is out in the ether and, presumably, being gobbled up the world over. Surely the same crowd that reads The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and stories about Jewish flu conspiracies will consider this gospel as well.

Exhibit C: No Jewish connection to Western Wall: PA university lecturer

Ah, the coup de grace. So we've been needlessly praying at and sticking notes into the cracks of a wall that doesn't even belong to us? Seeing as how the Quran mentions Jerusalem exactly zero times, I guess the holy city is neither holy, nor does it belong to anybody. Look at that, I just solved a major issue in the peace process.

I hate reading this stuff in the news or watching it on YouTube, I really do. I can't imagine you enjoy it either, but I share it because it needs to be seen. We can't take this stuff lying down, it needs to be exposed for what it is: lies and anti-Semitism, plain and simple.

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