Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Happy Birthday, Gilad.

Gilad Shalit's 23rd birthday is on August 28, 2009. In advance of this event, Gilad's fourth such birthday in Hamas captivity, the folks at the JIDF and Radical Commentary have launched the 'Tweet4Shalit' campaign. I'll let Melissa, editor of Radical Commentary, explain the initiative:
"‘Tweet4Shalit’ is a virtual grassroots movement inspired by the struggle Gilad Shalit must endure daily as a prisoner of war and as a victim of Islamic extremism.‘Tweet4Shalit’ is a 24 hour Twitter event in which thousands of supporters will sign onto Twitter to tweet the hashtag ‘#GiladShalit’ with the goal of making Gilad a top ten Twitter ‘Trending Topic’ two days before his birth (recognizing that his actual birthday occurs on Shabbos)."

Essentially, it's an online solidarity campaign for Israel's lost son. If you remember, I wrote a fairly long post 2 months ago commemorating the 3 year anniversary of Gilad's kidnapping, so obviously this issue is near and dear to me.

If you're on twitter, write a tweet or two today using the hashtag '#GiladShalit' to keep it in Twitter's trending topics. As of this writing, "#GiladShalit" is at the #2 spot, right behind 'Senator Ted Kennedy,' which is no small feat. Also, if you're on Twitter, you can follow the organizers of the 'Tweet4Shalit' campaign @JIDF, and @Prislam, you can also follow me @JordanSK.

In other Gilad Shalit news, his sister, Hadas, has enlisted in the IDF
today and there is supposedly an imminent deal to secure Gilad's release, but I won't hold my breath.

Anyway, remember to Tweet4Shalit today! Keep him in the public eye, let him and Hamas know we haven't forgotten about him on his 23rd birthday. Only good can come from this.

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