Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update: The Blood Libel Spreads

As predicted in the previous post, Out: Factual Reporting. In: Blood Libels and Historical Revisionism, the Swedish report that the soldiers of the IDF moonlight as organ harvesters is being picked up as truth in the Arab world. According to the Lebanese paragon of integrity in journalism,, this made up fantasy accusation against Israel is:

"A Horrible, revolting crime done by the Zionist against the Palestinians... I call upon the entire word and specifically the Arabs organizations that work to preserve "human rights", to read the article and call for an inquiry... Maybe will they be able to save those young Palestinians who deserve to live... As if it is not bad enough for them to be living in their own land, humiliated by the occupation, no it is not enough… They should also die and get their organs ripped away from their bodies for the Zionist to make money and live..what a bad irony!!"

Curious that the term "human rights" is in quotes. Perhaps because "human rights" in the Arab world hold as much significance as "dog rights" do in Casa de Michael Vick.

Adding insult to injury, the Swedish government is curiously silent over these bogus accusations. I can understand when a country dumb enough to vote for Hizbullah buys this garbage, but I thought Sweden was supposed to be 'progressive and intelligent.'

This is why these kinds of false accusations stink. Any time Israel is accused of war crimes, massacres, or anything else that is proven false, the harm to Israel's image is already done. No amount of damage control or clean up can erase the first impressions of the ignorant and gullible. As with every other battle Israel fights, the PR battle is one that is uphill and beset by enemies using dishonorable tactics.

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