Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not so Fast on Hezbollah in the Lebanese Government

Nice facial hair, Jack.

A few days ago I reported that Hezbollah, a terror group and arch-enemy of Israel, was offered 10 seats in the Lebanese cabinet. Well, turns out that the Iranian-backed terrorists will have to wait until a new Prime Minister-designate replaces the recently resigned Saad Hariri (the gent above with the spray painted beard and 'stache).

Hariri had the gall to name which Hezbollah members would join the Lebanese cabinet, a move which irked the genocidal gang of Islamist nutballs because, let's face it, some Islamist nutballs are better suited for cabinet positions than others.

So now we'll wait and see who Lebanese President, Michel Suleiman, appoints as the next PM-designate and whether or not he decides to include Hezbollah in the cabinet as well.

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