Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly News Roundup, September 12-19, 2009

Sorry for being late on this week's Weekly News Roundup, I was in Cleveland for Rosh Hashanah and had to get fawned over by my family. Poor me, I know. With that, here's the Weekly News Roundup for September 12 - 19.

Human Rights 'Authority' a Nazi Aficionado: Marc Garlasco is a military analyst for Human Rights Watch (HRW). He has been accused of anti-Israel bias in his reports on Israel's battles against Hamas and Hezbollah. Turns out his bias might stem from something other than calling HRW his employer. See, Marc Garlasco is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia and artifacts. He posts on Nazi collector websites with comments like, "That is so cool! The leather SS jacket makes my blood go cold it is so COOL!" As of September 15, Garlasco has been suspended pending an investigation which, if it's like HRW's investigations of Israel, will see him reinstated post-haste.

Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead a Waste of Paper: Richard Goldstone released his report on Israel's war in Gaza this past year, and Israel was not thrilled with the results. Without going into the whole thing, the Goldstone Report essentially equated Israel's defensive actions to those of Hamas, a group that acts with the intent of harming as many civilians as possible. He further ignored the eight years of rocket attacks from Gaza which provoked Israel's response in December and January. Trying to cover up his anti-Israel bias, Goldstone's daughter claimed, 'but my dad loves Israel!' earlier this week. Whatever she's sellin', this blogger ain't buyin'.

Ahmadinejad Denies the Holocaust...Again: "The Holocaust has turned into a black box and they won't let anyone open it and examine it… If this is such an important event, why won't you let us reveal the reality to the entire world?" You mean the reality surrounding the most researched and documented event in human history? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by a man who would gun down his own people in cold blood after he steals an election...but I am. Is he really this ignorant, or is he trying to minimize the Holocaust so he can perpetrate another one on the Jewish people through nuclear bombs?

Israel Celebrates the Jewish New Year: Apples, honey, and the Shofar were in full effect in Israel as Jews the world over kicked off year 5770 in the Jewish calendar. As of press time, there were no reported brisket overdoses or severe food comas in the Holy Land. At my house, on the other hand...

Shana tova, everyone! Thanks for reading and I'll try to keep it as real in 5770 as I did in 5769.

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