Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly News Roundup, September 5-11, 2009

A new feature at Shalom NoVa - Israel called the 'Weekly News Roundup.' I'll try to do one each Friday and post snippets of stories from throughout the week. I don't typically post on the weekends since I'm way too busy being lazy. So here's the first, hopefully of many, Weekly News Roundups!

Iran Agrees to Comprehensive Talks About Nothing Important: Their nuclear program? Nope. Their support of Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terror groups? Nope. The Iranians, however, do believe that the "promotion of democracy" and "combating security threats" are paramount, which is ironic since, as we saw in June, democracy is a security threat to the Iranian regime. You can read the whole proposal here. The language is very flowery but, then again, BS almost always is.

Gone Bibi Gone: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disappeared for about 12 hours on Monday. Speculation as to his whereabouts ran rampant and Israelis were none too happy about their leader going Keyser Soze on them. Initial reports placed Bibi at a security compound within Israel, then it was reported he was in Russia to discuss Russian arms sales to Iran. Neither Israel nor Russia has confirmed that Bibi went to Moscow, so as of now all of this is still speculation. "And like that...he's gone."

Lebanon Commemorates 9/11: So what does the Lebanese terror group Global Jihad do to remember the fallen on Septebmer 11th? Why, launch Katyusha rockets into Israel, of course! Two Katyushas, Hezbollah's weapon of choice as you might recall, landed in Northern Israel near Nahariya today. Israel responded with 15 artillery shells towards the rocket launching site in Southern Lebanon. The IDF is on high alert in case this situation develops further, but this is likely an isolated incident. Most importantly, no casualties or damage were reported from the Katyushas.

Bad Dates?: Israeli researchers have determined that eating 100 grams of dates per day will decrease the level of triglycerides (aka fats) and improve the quality of cholesterol in one's blood. I guess they didn't see 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Try telling this to that dead monkey...

9/11/2009: Today is September 11, 2009. It's been eight years since the heinous attacks that shook our country on that seemingly beautiful and serene Tuesday morning. Please take a moment to remember the victims, the heroes who perished in rescue attempts, and our armed service members who have been killed in the pursuit of terrorists the world over. Thank you.

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