Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Israeli Scientist Wins Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath

And to think, just two months ago the Swedes were rabid anti-Semites. What a turnaround!
Israeli scientist Ada Yonath took home the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her research on ribosomes which, if you took 11th grade biology, you might recall as a cell's protein producer. Yonath, along with two American scientists, studied how antibiotics bond to ribosomes using three-dimensional models. This research is now being used to develop new antibiotics, which will eventually save countless lives. Maybe now the IDF won't have to harvest Palestinian organs to keep the Israeli population healthy. Yes, that was sarcastic.
Yonath is only the fourth woman to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and the first since 1964. She is, however, the ninth Israeli to win a Nobel Prize and one of over 160 Jews to take home the honor.
I, in addition to President Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Lieberman and opposition leader Livni, say; "good on ya, Ada, for representing Israel and the Jewish people in such a terrific and prestigious way!"
Ah, nothing brings Jews together like one of our own winning a Nobel.

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