Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly News Roundup, October 10 - 16, 2009

A hectic week for Israel, what with the UN Human Rights Council adopting the biased Goldstone Report, Turkey airing an anti-Israel TV drama/blood libel and snubbing the IAF for Syria in war game activities, the New York Knicks taking on Maccabi Tel Aviv at Madison Square Garden this weekend (on Sunday, natch), and LeBron James contracting H1N1 which, admittedly, only impacts my Cavalier fan readers. Let's do it to it.

UN Human Rights Council Sinks Lower, Digs: The UNHRC adopted the anti-Israel, terrorism-excusing Goldstone Report today by a 25 to 6 margin in Geneva, Switzerland. Some of the countries voting to adopt the Goldstone Report were paragons of human rights like China, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Russia and Saudi Arabia. As PM Netanyahu wisely observed: "Israel's only real crime is that it does not have an automatic majority in the U.N." The Goldstone Report will now be sent to New York for further, anti-Israel action.

Turkish TV Airs Anti-Israel Blood Libel Saga About Gaza: Turkey, ever since it elected Recep Erdogan and took a turn for the Islamist, has seen its ties with Israel increasingly weaken in the last several years. Just take a look at this 'debate' between Erdogan and Shimon Peres from earlier this year. Anyway, this week Turkish TV aired a show depicting the IDF as a bunch of blood-thirsty monsters. The show's producer, Selcuk Cobanoglu, claimed the savage murderers in the show "are not Israeli soldiers" and that "the show is not about IDF soldiers. We also wrote this in a warning that appeared on the screen at the beginning of the program." Funny, then, that the two screen captures below clearly depict the Israeli flag, Hebrew, and the map of Israel. Hmmm...

Turkey Snubs Israel in War Game Activities for...Syria?: The same Syria that has been embarrassed numerous times by the IDF and IAF and refuses to fight Israel directly now, preferring instead to use its Iranian sponsored terrorist proxies in Hezbollah and Hamas? That Syria? Turkey dropped out of the 'Anatolian Eagle' war game activities with the US, Israel, NATO and Italy because of the IAF's activities during Operation Cast Lead last winter. Turkey claims they backed out because of Israeli delays in delivering drone aircraft to the Turkish military, but no one who matters actually believes this. Adding insult to injury, during the same time period during which 'Anatolian Eagle' was supposed to take place, Turkey instead practiced military maneuvers with Israel's arch-nemesis, Syria. Turkey needs to get rid of this Islamist regime sooner rather than later, and hopefully before any permanent damage is done to Turkish-Israeli relations.

I Don't Roll (or Hoop) on Shabbos!: The Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball team will take on the hapless New York Knicks on Sunday, October 18, in Madison Square Garden, as part of the NBA's preseason. Maccabi is arguably the most successful international team in competition with its NBA counterparts, having beaten the then NBA champion Washington Bullets in Israel in 1978 and the Toronto Raptors in Toronto in 2005, becoming the first non-NBA team to beat an NBA team on North American soil. Maccabi now looks to become the first non-NBA team to vanquish an NBA team on Real American soil, in the World's Most Famous Arena, no less. I'll be pulling for Maccabi here, partially because I love Israel, but also because I hate the Knicks for trying to steal LeBron James away from Cleveland. Maybe if he sees how lousy the Knicks are if they lose to Maccabi (no offense to Maccabi, of course), he'll stay where he belongs. Sorry to get off on that tangent. Maccabi will also play the equally terrible Los Angeles Clippers later this month, and I'll report on that as well.